What people say about their courses…

Testimonials are always a bit of a crap shoot but my teaching methods are a little outside the bell-curve so they may help you decide to train with me. 

First off, I am an independent instructor and although I work as a “training consultant” for several different dive shops and dive operations, I prefer to work unhindered by the time and money constraints that exist for the average dive store owner.

Anyhow, here is a little feedback from people I’ve worked with over the years:


I spent Labor Day weekend completing a two-day sidemount course with Steve. Having never dived sidemount before, Steve took us through equipment setup and ‘normal’ gear configuration and how to modify our gear if we needed. Gas management was a big topic for me and Steve took the time over the weekend to explain how this works in team diving and why it works so well.

We ended up making seven dives together over the weekend and even took time to teach me the proper ways to run a reel. Already planning on signing up for a couple of advanced classes next year with Steve.

If you take a class with Steve you will have a great time learning and he will certainly make it fun for everyone.

J. Ososki, MI

Training with Steve Lewis at techdiverTraining, simply is the WISEST decision I have made since deciding to dive sidemount at the technical level.

Steve is a top-notch dive professional, author and decent man who will thoroughly train you in whatever course and configuration. You will be provided a full education and insight from his expansive dive experiences.

Steve trains you to “THINK” and not just spit back the book facts. He assists you to think about the “what-ifs” and that is invaluable. His thought-provoking conversations leave you trained ” to the max.”

Steve teaches with a high level of effectiveness about gear, gasses and the scenarios of diving, and as a person who works in education, I believe he is a highly effective instructor no matter your learning style or previous training. Steve is the whole package!!!

D. Spray, ON


I have taken Rebreather workshops with Steve (aka Doppler) and also witnessed Sidemount and other workshops/lectures he has given. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to improve their diving at any level to contact this Jedi Master for training.

His friendly and fun way of teaching is relaxed and so enjoyable. The wealth of knowledge this man carries is amazing. There is no push to progress faster than you are comfortable with. I trusted Steve with teaching my son to sidemount dive and have recommended him to several friends who have taken his classes and agree that the experience was one of the best educational events they’ve had in their Diving Careers.

S. Philipson, MI


I recently had the pleasure of taking my Advanced Nitrox and Helitrox Decompression Procedures course with Steve Lewis. It was an amazing learning experience. Steve’s knowledge of the academics and theory absolutely astounded me. He was able to explain very complicated concepts in a way that everyone in the class could understand. When it came time to dive, he really put our skills to the test. It was an amazing learning experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to extend their range of diving or just simply work on sharpening their skills.

B. Bonner, ON


I first started training with Steve about two years ago in an effort to improve my diving and sidemount configuration. Since then, I have redone a number of technical diving courses with him that I was previously certified in so that I could better understand the philosophies and skills associated with them. His first-hand knowledge of diving is second to none, and he truly understands the concepts he is teaching, and is not simply regurgitating them from a text book.

Steve’s teaching style is very effective and friendly, and he is capable of teaching the course in its most basic of elements, or to the Nth degree of detail, whichever your learning style requires. By the end, you will find that you not only know the material, but understand it, which allows you to think fast and adapt to any situation in the water.

D. Hickox, ON


I had the pleasure of training by Steve Lewis in Chuuk in 2005. I received TDI extended range, decompression procedure training. The experience was very thorough and also very fun. Steve is an excellent trainer with the ability to explain the important concepts related to technical diving. He also recognizes and accepts the knowledge of his students as well and learns from them. As a diver with a disability (single leg amputee) Steve was both interested in my experience as well as suggesting and thinking thru ideas related to trim, etc. I often get “advice” from trainers on subjects they have little or no knowledge of but something they have read in a book or article. With Steve it is an exploration, with him honoring and accepting my input from experience and adding helpful suggestions from his experience. It’s refreshing and honest. I appreciate it and expect that Steve’s next students may learn from my experience.

John Nousaine, WI


I took the Intro to Tech course with Steve in the summer of 2010. I don’t have any plans on delving deeply into the world of tech diving, but I did want to see what it was all about. At the start of the course Steve asked me why I was taking the course. My reply was that I wanted to become a better diver.

The way Steve presented the course allowed me to accomplish just that. The knowledge I gained from the class work and the personal attention he paid to seemingly minor things like small gear adjustments made for an enjoyable few days. The focus Steve placed on situational awareness in dive planning and execution of the dive was a lesson well learned. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience. More importantly, he has a way of presenting the information so that it is fun to learn and the lesson stays with you.

Ted Timmons, ON


Just wanted to say thanks, the helitrox deco course was very thought-provoking, and fun. The gourmet burgers fired up while camping at Dutch Springs didn’t hurt either.

Thanks again,

Scott Marshall, FL


I cannot say enough good things about Steve and the way he approaches teaching. His experience teaching is broad enough that there is no place you can go with him that he will not have a good solid and reasonable answer to your question. Steve will not give you a “party line,” he will teach you according to his high standards of safe and sane diving.

I am looking forward to continuing my dive training with Steve this summer and I don’t think you can find a better teacher, mentor and dive buddy.

Wendy Grossman, NY


When Steve arrived in Nova Scotia years ago promoting technical training, I couldn’t believe my luck. I took a Solo course first and followed up a short time later with Adv Nitrox/Deco. Steve easily covered discussions and questions, and his experience comes through in the practical approaches to gear configuration, planning dives and responding to in-water situations. He picks up on areas where you might be weak and makes sure you think about it and practice! The training dives were great too, we were planning and having a real dive where the skills were practiced in scenarios.. we didn’t just jump in the water and run through a bunch of skills. That was the best and most challenging training I’d had to date as a diver, and I regret it’s been years since I could do something with him again.

Connie Bishop, NB

So, since you made it though all that, you might be interested to read the general agreement I share with students.

Also, you have specific diving goals — either professional or purely recreational — please talk to me about those specifics, perhaps I can show you how to achieve them with the least amount of fuss and the maximum fun level. All diving involves risk, which requires those doing it to be well-prepared and well-practiced, but it should still be enjoyable. When the fun runs out, it’s time to turn the dive.

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